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 Love, Beautiful, Foe

Beautiful, Love, Clutz
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A hard lesson to learn when the sea has no waves.
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Preparation for marriage, step 2: Reading the graciously given Word of God in the astoundingly created nature that reflects the glory of the Author of our life.
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Preparation for marriage 
Step 1: Man cave
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The word musing, a calm, lengthy, intent consideration. This has been the flavor of my mind this past month, and I can not say that I have had any revelations. I sometimes try to feel this makes me inadequate. This is often offset as I muse about it. Result: maybe the muse’s task is not to figure anything out, but to enjoy the journey of each thought. Follow your thoughts. Go, muse.  

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by (Jess Marie)
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Tears always flowing

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The third hour

The Savior of the world, body shredded, crushed for or iniquities, lies on a wooden cross and has nails driven through his wrists and ankles.

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Death by Sitting?

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